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[fləSH] /verb

a sudden rush of intense emotion; a period when something is new or particularly fresh and vigorous; a fresh growth of leaves, flowers, or fruit; in cannabis: flushing process of the plant ensures quality colas free of nutrients and pesticides]

Flush – is a cannabis brand, dedicated to bringing forward {content, products and stories} that naturally create an informed, aesthetically pleasing and inclusive environment around cannabis consumption and the cannabis discourse. 

Cannabis has been lawfully discriminated against , through propaganda and mis-information resulting in unfair treatment for 100+ years. The same overdue changes that we are seeing now in our society, act as a guiding light in the building of our philosophy.

Flush will lead a narrative that is inclusive and considerate in nature, accompanied by a mission to bring forward the perspectives, voices, and business endeavours of those, who like cannabis, have been silenced for centuries.  This story will be told with the help of BIPOC voices across the globe, LGBTQI+, WOMXN, small businesses, and those who make sure to protect our earth

We acknowledge and respect the Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples on whose traditional territory we stand on, as well as the Songhees, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples whose long standing relationships with the land continue to this day.  

Flush [is] a Literary (etc.) Cannabis Magazine which aims to explore the industry through the stories behind cannabis brands that currently live in this space.  Each story comes to play a crucial role in the puzzle that is understanding the cannabis industry.  

We interview people, not companies.  The pages of our magazine fill themselves with storytelling, poetry, music, art and other high forms of life. Our lens is actually a kaleidoscope, through which we examine the dreams and the realities of the cannabis industry today

Our limited edition print magazine is a bi-yearly print book all stamped on 100% recycled paper.

Flush has curated an online shop (gallery) for people who see value in art & creativity.  We feature fun products that add zest to an existing collection of owned items.  We stock books about cannabis, written by people who care.  The treasures that line the shelves of our shop are imagined by those who see the light shining through the dark cracks of society and want others to bask in it too. 

Flush was formed by open minded people who see the light when we all flourish.  

With a commitment to guiding the cannabis discourse towards its full potential,

we welcome you!

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